Andrea is a warm and passionate creative who sees the beauty in each and every person.  She believes in empowering women with the knowledge of how to enhance their natural beauty in turn giving them the confidence they deserve.


Andrea’s creativity blossomed at a young age when she would sit for hours sketching and painting.  In 2001, Andrea completed a Diploma of Makeup Artistry, consolidating her initial training by actively keeping up to date with emerging industry trends, attending makeup workshops and seminars with some of the world biggest cosmetics firms. To date the highlight was completing ‘A Day with Rae Morris’ who is renowned as one of the most influential Makeup Artists in the World.


Andrea is passionate about the art that is behind beautiful makeup and how self-confidence can transform an individual. Makeup is at its essence all about how it makes you feel and the self-confidence it can give you.  “When I speak to a lot of women, most of them learnt how to put on makeup by watching their mothers in the bathroom when they were little," Andrea says.  "I may love beautiful, girly things now but I essentially grew up as a little tom boy, making many makeup and beauty mistakes along the way.”


The world of makeup and artistry these days is a diverse and often confusing place, and Andrea feels blessed to be able to help women navigate this landscape to achieve the natural beauty we all have within us.